Greenwashing – It’s Everywhere

Greenwashing is an appearance of doing something to benefit the environment while actually doing very little or nothing. Most of the Big Corporations have been greenwashing over the past decade. A prime example is Amazon, owned by Jeff Bezos. Bezos launched his Bezos Earth Fund (always a red flag for me when a ‘philanthropist’ puts his/her name before the cause they are championing). Amazon has a poor record on environment issues, employee rights and taxes. Their business model relies on overconsumption. Another example is Apple which actively encourages consumers to upgrade to the latest smart phone with its “buy one each year” strategy to keep its profit margins high. If Apple really wanted to curb this issue right now it could easily make upgradable devices that could extend end of life expectancy and reduce e-waste.


Reduce the amount of new products you buy. In Éire try and buy second hand on or

Start supporting the local economy where you live. If you really need to buy something new online purchase it from an independent supplier in your home country and Stop Supporting Amazon. I have purchased from Amazon in the past a few times but started to realise how unethical they are as a corporation so now i actively look for a local supplier first followed by a regional/national supplier. Every time i shop online i am actively funding a company in my home county/country and helping them stay afloat in these tough economic times. The more one supports large companies like Amazon, the more small businesses will cease to exist.

Corporate Greenwash: is THIS the TRUTH Behind their lies. By Russel Brand.