Intro to CBDCs

Thievery Corporation are probably the best band to bless the world from Washington D.C. Fugazi are a close second, in my opinion. you can have an opinion regarding the music of DC too. it is OK, to have an opinion 🙂 listen to the music while you read for a sense of Thievery Corporation’s vibe

Central Bank Digital Currencies = THE BEAST SYSTEM

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are the introduction of a total control and surveillance system that technocrats are using to usurp power and freedom in our world. CBDCs are a satanic surveillance system that will enable controllable or programmable currency in our daily lives. it is nothing more than software that you do not ever own. if it is not in your hands, you do not own it. in fact money you deposit in a bank technically becomes an asset of a bank to do with as it wishes and ultimately if that bank fails they can use your money to pay its debts (very often to the key players in the bank who were involved in the collapse). an example of such a cashless surveillance system is operational in China and this short video will show you the downside to accepting such a BIG BROTHER government control in our lives.

… if you do or say anything that upsets those in authority your ability to purchase products, travel and ultimately survive can be decided by those who work in the shadows. Ultimately Artificial Intelligence will decide if you are working to further the AI hive mind, designed and controlled by a cabal of technocratic corporations. at times i wonder if the people behind these plans are even human. this is my critical opinion on the research i have done. if you disagree with this why not start your own website and put your conclusions and information online too. That is what Freedom is all about. The ability to live your life peacefully without interference from government or others and to speak freely about injustices that you see in the hope that these injustices will be corrected.

A number of US states are waking up to this planned demonic system and are taking action, including Florida governor, Ron De Santis, and Kristi Noem governor of South Dakota. In Éire where i live we are governed by lapdogs who do whatever their European masters (representives of the global corporate cabal) say. incidently i am apolitical, ie. i do not support any politician or political party. i was born and i live my life as a Free Man. i am highlighting these two US politicians because they are standing up and speaking their minds on the evils of CBDCs. The Beast System recognises no boundaries, no borders, no independence. it wants TOTAL CONTROL. It wants to literally own everything in this world, including your soul.

i recently travelled for one month in Mexico and Costa Rica and made the decision to travel without using a credit/debit card or my basic phone. Most people i met on my journey thought it was a very hard thing to do but i told them when i first traveled to India in the early 90s i did not have a phone or credit card. i used to travel all the time and not worry about things like that. If i needed emergency money i could always get a family member to transfer money. There were no mobile phones then so i would phone occassionally to say i was fine. i remember emails and the internet arriving and you would go to an internet cafe wherever you were and say you were fine, electronically. it was a fun time to travel. Then 911 happened and the control started. i used to enjoy the freedom of travelling through airports before then and suddenly it was like meeting programmed robots at security as you passed through each airport. Travelling this time in 2023 i became suddenly aware and saddened at how addicted everyone is to their smartphones. i was travelling with a laptop which enabled me to check my emails each day and research accommodations online and places to visit. Throughout the day i travelled without the use of phone communications and internet. i loved the freedom. everywhere i looked people were zoned into their smart phones and i started to think ‘how long do people spend on their phones each day?’, constantly being programmed by what they look at. making movies of themselves, taking selfies, interacting less and less with the place and people they are visiting. it has become such a self centred shallow existance for most, especially younger people who know no different. They were born into this technological age and if you took their phone from them for a day they would have a melt down. these young people are the ones who are driving this digital slavery system of CBDCs. and the controllers are focused on them. i think a solution would be to have technology free days each week for people who use smart phones to begin with. Switch back to a cheap basic phone for texts and phone calls for the tech free days and i think most people would begin to see the benefits. Combining a laptop (for emails and the internet) with a basic phone is the ultimate solution. Less 5G radiation in your life too. 5G the ‘slow cook microwave’.

Having awakened a number of years ago to the control system that was being created i stepped back and decided to oppose this system in the only way i could through my own personal choices. i choose not to have a smart phone (and travel without the use of even my basic phone). i choose not to use a credit card when i travel and instead stay in hotels that accept cash. i refuse to support any business that does not accept cash. such a business was first witnessed at Dublin Airport. Burger King have touch screens in place now to order your food. no more cash accepted. so no more business from me either. Simple Solution. it had been a few years since i had eaten at a fast food restaurant and i was starting my holiday so i decided to treat myself. so that is one business off my list. “i boycott thee Burger King”. Next in London awaiting my connecting flight was another shop supporting The Beast System, WHSmith … Adios WHSmith! i noticed one staff member showing every customer how to use the self service tills at WHSmith and she was the only employee there where a few years ago they probably would have had a few employees. if you ask any employee who is affected by this they will say “that is the way it is”. i say you will not have a job in a few years. you will be replaced by a machine. i could really see the social engineering that has occured over the past few years since i was last overseas. The Pandemic Of Fear that spread so quickly through establishment media and with the advent of the smart phone and social media.

People do not question their masters, the ones who control the FEAR. i started to think Fear is like an invisible virus spreading around the world. i had a most enjoyable holiday and enjoyed using public transport in both countries, interacting with the drivers of the buses and minivans as i paid in cash each time. i returned to Éire on SaintPatricks day and was greeted by bus drivers who did not want to entertain the notion of cash. i thought such a sad day for this country when public transport has been digitized. Gone is the craic with the bus driver. Everything is tap, beep.

What is next?

Here is Augustin Carstens, head of the Bank of International Settlements talking about CBDCs. BIS is the Big Daddy of all Central Banks. He has stated that CBDCs would enable ‘absolute control’. When i first saw Augustin Carstens i thought this dude needs to get some exercise and watch what he eats instead of trying to control what we the people do with our money and lives.

He is not exactly an example of a healthy human being. in fact Augustin Carstens reminded me a lot of the captain of the Axiom space ship in the animated movie WALL-E 🙂

Solutions To CBDCs

Firstly Cash Is King. Buy everything you can in cash and boycott any business that will not accept cash. This will help rid the economy of supporters of The Beast System (even if they do not understand fully the system that they are helping create). Ignorance is not acceptable. If they change their ways and return to using cash then it is possible to reconsider supporting that business).

Start producing food and energy. You will invest in your family and local economy this way and reduce the need to deal with The BS.

Barter or Trade Goods. Start with goods and services. Exchange things with your community and friends as much as you can. Bread for Eggs each week is one example.

Read Catherine Austin Fitts website Solari and implement her advice in your daily lives. This includes moving your cash from major banks to local banks and credit unions (supporting local economies). Catherine Austin Fitts is a true modern day hero(ine) who has been ALERTING the world to the corruption in the global banking system since her days as an advisor to George Bush Snr.

Letter to the Editor of all Establishment / Legacy / Corporate Media. WE are many … you are few